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yoga and meditation camps in corbett national park

Yoga & Meditation Programs in Corbett National Park

Yoga brings peace and satisfaction in all levels of life. yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind , body and soul. It brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and not only enhances your physical strength but also contributes largely towards your mental health and spiritual growth. All the Yogi c brothers and sisters are cordially invited to Corbett so that we can meditate together, exchange vibrations and go deeper in our spiritual ascent.

3 Full Days Classes in Corbett Yoga Retreat overlooking Mountains, Forests and River Kosi
Afternoon Guided Meditation in the Hall
Morning Pranayama & Meditation on the Roof top overlooking Mountains, Gorests and Kosi River.
Up To 3 X 90 Different Yoga Classes Per Day
Fruit, Fresh Juices, Herbal Tea- unlimited
Plenty of Time to Relax
Explore Riverside & Surrounding Forests
3 Nutritious and Delicious Meals Daily (prefrebly vegetarian Meals)
3 Nights Accommodation in Corbett Yoga Retreat Cottages overlooking Mountains, Forests and River Kosi
Spoken & Instruction languages: English
Airport transfer availabl: Pant Nagar Airport(US$50 per person)/IGI Delhi (US$100 per person)
Check-in Time: 12:00 & Check-out Time: 11:00
Spoken & Instruction languages: English


We Organise different Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Programs for Adults and Kids seperately in Jim Corbett National Park. Please Feel Free to write for Programs details run by Vedic Shakti in Jim Corbett National Park in association with The Veda Retreat - Jim Corbett National Park.

RITAMBHARA: Awareness gives you power to choose between being powerful or remain powerless. Unlock your Himalayan potential to be the ultimate You- A master piec.

SHREE DRAVYAM: Money is not the everything, but you need money for everything. Money is an energy often not flowing to the fullest in people life because of their myths and beliefs about making money. Break all your money myths and install the seeds of effortless wealth creation in your belief through divine initiation.

SHIVAGNI : Human system is created in such a way that when it is healthy, it expresses skills and abilities and controls matters. But in today’s lifestyle our human system has become so latent that it gets infected by diseases and fight for its survival only. Hence, we are introducing a unique healing mechanism for humans called “Shivagni”. Shivagni unblocks self-healing abilities to raise or shift to higher frequencies where one can express unbelievable abilities.

BRAIN ACTIVATION: Mind is a powerful tool to process and refine every thought or experience to help you take best decisions in any situation. That decision decides the quality of your life in all dimensions health, wealth, career and relationships. However, that is only possible if your brain works to its fullest capacity, wherein the major issue we face today is lack of clarity, lack of understanding, confused to make a decision, lack of focus because of toxins in brain due to our habits and lifestyl.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: You have enrolled your child to the best school for good academic grades, but school is not enough so you have added tuition for them, in few years you realisetution is also not enough, you have made him join coaching center too for scoring good in academics and in competitive exams. Here is the solution by vedicshatis academic excellence, where we assure you less will become more for your childs growth as he will become far more responsible and capable to read, understand and write by attending the most advance program of Vedic Academic Excellence focusing majorly on Maths, Language and Speaking and Stage Presentation Skills conducted only for 2 hours in a week.

SHIV VIBHUTI CAMPS: What if you could get the password of the universe, wherein you can access any information about any place, person or thing on the planet. How about if you could download the content of a book in few minutes just by flipping it. What if I could scan your body and heal your pain even if you are thousands miles away. Yes, Yes, Yes! This is possible as it was always in the Vedic times of Bharat.

We also arrange Angling Tours in Corbett with some of best naturalist of Corbett Park and for wildlife enthusiasts Birding & Photographic Tours who wishes to experience the Jungle Stay-during Photography Workshops one can also learn lessons with them. Dhikala Tiger Safari Tours in Corbett with Birding & Elephant Safari  for Adults & Summer Camp for Kids. If you are staying at any other Hotel & Resort in Corbett National Park and wish to Reserve your Asana for our forthcoming Yoga Session in Corbett or Ranikhet. Please Call on +91 9027159763 or write for Programs details.

Yoga Programs for kids and adults in Jim Corbett National Park

3Day Yoga Program Corbett

Yoga is importance in today’s life to prevent & cure health disorder– the cause is mainly Stress in todays life, thus Yoga acquires an imminent role. We run Yoga Camps every month in Corbett- Book your Aasana Now!!

03 day Meditation Programs in Jim Corbett

Meditation Programs in Corbett

Meditation has all along been the essential part of human. The Jain Agamas have ordained that they should spend four praharas in studying, two praharas in meditation & remaining two prahas in eating & sleeping.

Yoga Camps in Jim Corbett National Park

Kids Yoga & Meditation Camp

What better way to give your child an opportunity to learn new life-enhancing skills at our Yoga Summer Kids’ Camp in Corbett. Open to kids between 7-11 years, an unique & exciting way for your child to spend this summer.