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Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, A perfect holiday can be described as one that is spent amidst nature which is filled with calmness and serenity...

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Online ReservationOnline Booking & Reservation of Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett Tiger Reserve, JimCorbettNationalParkOnline.com

Elephant Safari Booking in Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve), Online Booking & Reservation, JimCorbettNationalParkOnline.com

The best way to discover the park is through the "Elephant Safari". Undisturbed by the mechanical roar of a car or jeep, open to the skies, accompanied only by the rhythmic scuff-scuff-scuff of elephant's feet and the creaks of the wooden howdah. The occasional booming of wild elephants to each other in close proximity can make you hang on tight to the wooden pole of the howdah. The ride can be a mix of moments of pure terror interspersed with long period of utter peace.
The Corbett Park Elephant Safari, an exclusive elephant safari in the periphery areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve takes you through mysterious thick forests, deep valleys and rugged trails that offer a lingering thrill to the adventure seeker. This is enhanced by the cultural enigma of the land.
We take you on this thrilling sojourn in the same way the royalty of yore did, centuries ago. From the first ray of the rising sun to the evening's deepest glow; the landscape unravels the untaught harmony of the primitive wild. The grandeur of the "British Raj" is relived in an old forest rest house (FRH) built in the late nineteenth century. The aura created compliments the aura of the past century when lanterns and fireplaces were used instead of electricity and where hot bucket baths were the only way to supplement your comforts.
Whilst you are in Corbett, the mountain air will make you hungry and to satiate this "jungle" appetite, our specialty chefs will dish out just that ensemble. The emphasis is on freshness of produce, so whether it is that Indian dish or that Continental fare you have asked for, to our chefs its all in the day's passion.
We encourage our guests to travel well prepared, this ensures that we are able to organised their logistics with ease. To ensure this all transport and back end logistics is done on 4WD jeeps that are best suited for the rugged terrain of Corbett.
The abundant Airborne Species, the mysterious wild and the picturesque valley come together to offer a romantic hitherto unseen, unheard or untold. To enhance this unique experience an English speaking naturalist accompanies you through out your trip.
The safari is a great combination of various ways to observe wildlife and the main attraction being riding the Pachyderm for an extended period of time. Elephant Safari in Corbett, takes you through deep valleys, dense forests and craggy trails without disturbance. The Elephant is the royal mode of transport. The height of the gigantic beast help to viewing the wildlife species very clearly. The gorgeous picturesque, natural beauty, cool and calm atmosphere, fresh and fragrant air add a majestic excitement in the Elephant Safari Tour. Besides traveling on the elephant, the tour plan includes various activities including game drives into the National Park, hikes for bird-watching, visits to local villages in the area, learning to ride the elephant, elephant baths...

The wildlife observed on the trip varies as we pass through the different terrains. Some mammal species that can be sighted are the Asian Elephant, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Ghoral (Mountain goat), Rhesus & Langur Monkey, Wild Boar, Jackal, Civets, Porcupine, etc. The rare ones include the Bengal Tiger, Leopard and a variety of lesser cats, Hog Deer and Sloth Bear. The Mugger or the fresh water Crocodile, Gharial, Otters, Turtles and a variety of fish (Mahseer, Goonch etc.) are seen in and around the Ramganga River. Reptile species include Monitor Lizard, King Cobra, Rock Python, etc. Corbett is also a bird watchers paradise and has a bird count of over 600 bird species, we are truly in position to customize an itinerary for you. For example, over a period of time lot of developments have taken place in & around proposed circuit & sighting of wildlife has not been very impressive. For all our travelers in approaching winter, we are suggesting small elephant back safaris extending to maximum of 02 full days & then retire to some of the very outstanding & exclusively located wildlife lodges within the forest. Here also, you continue with your AM / PM Game view both on Elephant & Jeep. Game is excellent here.

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve), Online Booking & Reservation, JimCorbettNationalParkOnline.com

A perfect holiday can be described as one that is spent amidst nature which is filled with calmness and serenity. Relaxing oneself in such wonderful places can sure be a rejuvenating exercise for many stressed souls. The belief is that the stressed out nerves can be relaxed when quality time is spent close to wildlife. This is a very popular technique that is used by city birds to relax and rejuvenate.

The Jim Corbett National Park is a wonderful location to get closer to nature and experience the calmness and comfort. A celebration of the most important gifts of nature can be best understood when the safaris make use of at Jim Corbett National Park to get closer to the flora and fauna

The Jim Corbett National Park elephant safari is incomparable to any other safari when it comes to adventure and excitement. The experience of touring the forest on the back of an elephant can add to the excitement of exploring the jungle. Corbett Park elephant safaris can help explore the rarest accessible wildlife zones of the Park. The rare and endangered species of the Jim Corbett Park can be looked into closely when one opts for the elephant safari. Such safaris give the advantage of being able to get a glimpse of areas like the rivers, scenic valleys, grasslands, thick forests and rugged trekking trails surrounding the thick wildlife boundary.

An elephant safari is considered to be an exciting, amazing and fascinating way to move about in the Jim Corbett National Park. The elephant safari can be scheduled either in the mornings or evenings based on the preference of the visitors. A group of 3 to 4  members can go an elephant safari at the National park. Exploring wildlife on an elephant back can prove to be very adventurous and the greatest credit is the fact that no disturbance is caused to the wildlife. It is always said that a visit to the Jim Corbett National Park is never complete without an elephant safari. Sitting on an elephant back and watching herds of wild elephants and other wild animals is surely a great experience. Without scaring away the animals, the wildlife can be explored with an elephant safari in Jim Corbett. This gives a greater advantage of being able to spot many animals that might hide away due to the sounds of vehicles during various other safari options. A close look of the common animals in the park such as the barking deer, langur, rhesus monkey, macaques, peacocks, boars, birds and many more animals can be got. Elephant safari packages are offered to the travelers of Jim Jim Corbett National Park based on the suitable season and the best time. Utmost care is taken to provide maximum safety to those opting for elephant safari in Corbett.

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